Sarah Goss

Goss family

Sarah Goss and her family are bringing new life to a small farm in Kansas.

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Meet Sarah Goss. This busy mom of four is passionate about fitness, farming and small-town living. After attending Kansas State University, Sarah and her husband, Brent, put down roots in Ellsworth County in central Kansas, balancing the distance between their families — Sarah hails from the extreme northeast and Brent from the far southwest.

With their children, Noah, Tucker, Nell and Britta, the Goss family is revitalizing a small farm that’s been out of production for a number of years. Sarah cares for 25 chickens and the children help her gather, wash and deliver eggs to local customers on their trips to and from school. She also lends some muscle harvesting small bales of alfalfa. The kids raise bucket calves and market pigs for 4-H. The family’s future plans include adding to their farm with livestock, a greenhouse for growing annual flowers and a pumpkin patch. They hope their farm will one day serve as a destination to experience agriculture firsthand.

When she’s not busy with farm and children’s activities, Sarah enjoys sewing, exercising, gardening, home improvement, reading and blogging. She also serves as a lector and small group discussion leader at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church.

Sarah believes learning never stops. As a full-time mom, she has kept a keen eye on farm-to-table issues and understands the importance of balancing feeding families with safe, wholesome food while knowing the story behind our food. Sarah joined the CommonGround team of volunteers in spring 2014. She enjoys sharing real-life stories from her farming experience gained with her favorite farmers — her husband, father and father-in-law — to help explain agricultural production practices in a way that’s fun, easy to understand and relatable for today’s busy moms.

  • Expertise: Rural leadership and economic development, small-scale farming, poultry production
  • Ag Connections: Kansas Farm Bureau, K-State Ag Alumni Board of Directors, Ellsworth High School Ag Advisory Board
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