Laura Handke

Laura, Chris and Audrey live and work on their family farm in northeast Kansas near the Missouri state line. Their cow/calf operation spans ranch land in both states.

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Meet Laura Handke. Laura worked in the food safety and regulatory industry before finding her passion and embarking on a career in agriculture advocacy and education. She and her husband Chris have a 5-year-old daughter, Audrey Ann. Laura and Chris have a cow/calf herd in both Missouri and Kansas.

While working on several different consumer-focused agriculture research projects while completing her M.S. in Ag Science, Laura said she realized how even consumers in rural areas are generally disconnected from the farm and agriculture.

As a Regional Director, Laura works with Missouri Farmers Care in the Ag Education on the Move program to help Missouri’s 3rd grade students connect the many facets of agriculture to the food on their plate and the products they use in everyday life. When she isn’t in the classroom, Laura also enjoys working as a freelance agriculture writer for various publications.

Laura’s duties on the farm range from feeding to finances and most everything in between. She enjoys every aspect of farm life and feels blessed to be afforded the opportunity to raise Audrey on the farm.

Laura says she was excited to become a CommonGround volunteer in Fall 2013 to share her story with other moms who may have questions about where their food comes from. She is passionate about sharing her family and their agriculture story with others.

  • Expertise: Food safety and policy/Beef production
  • Ag Connections: Kansas Farm Bureau/American Quarter Horse Association/Missouri Cattleman’s Association

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