Lana Barkman

Lana and Charlie

Lana Barkman poses with Charlie, one of the four members of the “Barkman Bunch”. Lana and her husband, Caleb, live on a small farm near Circleville, Kan.

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Meet Lana Barkman. This animal lover met her husband, Caleb, in 2009 at Kansas State University, where they both studied animal science. After earning her master’s degree in agricultural education and communications, the college sweethearts married in December 2013. They now live on a small farm near Circleville, KS.

On social media, Lana proudly shares photos and stores of the “Barkman Bunch.” The Barkman Bunch brings much joy to their lives, and is a culmination of the family’s cat, dogs, horses, chickens and miniature mule.

The Barkmans welcomed their first child in February 2017. Lana is a stay-at-home mom to their daughter Madi.

When she’s not busy doing farm chores, she enjoys judging horse shows, training and competing in barrel racing, playing with her dogs and participating in church activities. She also is an avid fan of K-State football and outdoor activities including boating and camping.

Lana joined the CommonGround™ Kansas team in spring 2014. She is excited to connect with consumers and help build connections with agriculture.

  • Expertise: Animal science, communications and education
  • Ag Connections: American Quarter Horse Association

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