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Aly and TJ McClure operate a dairy heifer replacement feed yard in western KS in partnership with family.

Aly and TJ McClure operate a dairy heifer replacement feed yard in western Kansas in partnership with family.

Meet Aly McClure. Growing up on cow-calf and grain farm in Ohio, Aly is the fourth generation in her family to carry on the love of cattle through her daily life. After moving to western Kansas to follow a career path in the cattle industry, Aly met her husband TJ McClure. Together they raise approximately 11,000 head of dairy heifers at Circle Heifer Development along with a growing tribe of little people and dogs at home.

The McClures work in a partnership between two families. In addition to her work in public relations and communications for the feed yard, she also works with several clients in agriculture marketing and as a contributing author to Calf News Magazine.

Aly loves sharing stories from the farm with those who do not have the opportunity to experience agriculture in their daily lives. She is a regular contributor on the social media outlets and blog for Circle Heifer Development. She also enjoys baking, cooking, writing, photography travel and “momming.”

Aly joined the CommonGround™ Kansas team in spring 2017. Agriculture has always been close to her heart. She is excited to share stories from her farm with non-farm audiences whose only experience with agriculture is limited to what they buy in the store, read online or see on TV.

  • Expertise: Sustainability and Conservation, Animal Ag/Nutrition/Welfare, Animal Ag/Antibiotics, Hormones (in meat and milk), Family Farms vs. Corporate Farms
  • Ag Connections: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Dairy Calf & Heifer Association

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