CommonGround is a national movement of farm women who want to share information about farming and the food we grow. Consumers in the cities and suburbs are more disconnected from farm life than ever before, and that disconnect has led to misconceptions about modern farming and the people behind it. We’re a group of Kansas farm women working to help dispel myths and built trust in farm families again. We want to answer questions and share facts as well as our personal stories of farm life. Please join us in finding our CommonGround.

Kansas CommonGround Volunteers

KimNew150x150Kim Baldwin
McPherson, KS
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A native of New Mexico, Kim moved to Kansas to marry her husband. With her unique career background as a television news professional and teacher, Kim helps keep the family farm running smoothly while blogging about her new life as a farmer.  Learn more about Kim.


Lana BarkmanLana Barkman
Circleville, KS
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Animal lover Lana married her college sweetheart, Caleb. She shares their adventures on social media as the “Barkman Bunch” on their farm near Circleville, KS. She studied animal science at Kansas State University and loves horses. Learn more about Lana.


Jenny Burgess
Sterling, KS
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Jenny and her husband Geoff are a first-generation farm family farming near Sterling, KS. Geoff emigrated from England to pursue better opportunities in the United States. Together, they grow corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum and cover crops. Learn more about Jenny.


Frances Graves
Bartlett, KS
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Frances was raised in the city and spent her 20s consuming a vegetarian diet. Today, she and her husband raise children and cattle on their ranch, where they are the fifth and sixth generations on the family homestead.  Learn more about Frances.


Laura Handke
Atchison, KS
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Laura worked in the food safety and regulatory industry before finding her passion and embarking on a career in agriculture advocacy and education. She and her husband Chris have a 5-year-old daughter, Audrey Ann. Laura and Chris have a cow/calf herd in both Missouri and Kansas. Learn more about Laura.


Aly McClure
Garden City, KS
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Growing up on cow-calf and grain farm in Ohio, Aly is the fourth generation in her family to carry on the love of cattle through her daily life. After moving to western Kansas, Aly met her husband, TJ. Together they raise approximately 11,000 head of dairy heifers along with a growing tribe of little people and dogs at home. Learn more about Aly.



Melissa Hildebrand Reed
Abilene, KS
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Melissa works alongside her family at Hildebrand Family Dairy near Junction City, KS. The farm raises 150 dairy cows, bottling and selling the milk to more than 90 grocery stores across the state and through their on-site retail store. A mother of two young sons, Melissa is especially knowledgeable on local foods. Learn more about Melissa.


Katie SawyerKatie Sawyer
McPherson, KS
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Just outside of McPherson, KS, Katie and her husband Derek raise cattle, wheat, corn, soybeans and grain sorghum. Katie works full-time off the farm as District Director for U.S. Congressman Roger Marshall and advocates for the agriculture through various platforms. Learn more about Katie.


Janna Splitter
Lyons, KS
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Food safety and sustainability are high priorities for Janna as she raises two girls on a farm in Lyons, Kansas with her husband, Matt. Janna grew up on a first generation farm and met her husband through the 4-H program. They went on to study at Kansas State University and are growing their farm operation. Learn more about Janna.


LaVell Winsor
Grantville, KS
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LaVell lives and farms in Grantville, Kansas, with her husband, Andy, and their two sons. She helps with merchandising and management of grain sales and farm financial records. She also is employed off-the-farm with a consulting service that provides farmers with business recommendations and risk-management tools. Learn more about LaVell.



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