Kids’ Reading List: Fantastic Farm Machines

Fantastic Farm MachineryThe day-to-day business of harvesting crops to feed the world involves lots of lifting, hauling, cutting, chopping, plowing, planting, watering, mowing and more.  Historically, this work was done by hand.  Today, there are amazing pieces of machinery that help get each job done.

The ninth book in our Kids’ Reading List series, Fantastic Farm Machines by Cris Peterson with photography by David R. Lundquist, introduces readers to 12 big pieces of farm machinery.  From skid steers to sprayers, the author and photographer give an up close look at farmers and their implements hard at work.

Children in kindergarten through third grade will enjoy the firsthand view of modern farm machinery and their functions.  Young fans of heavy machinery won’t be able to put this book down.

Thanks to Holly Spangler for compiling this list, which was featured in the March 2012 issue of Farm Futures magazine.
Check out the past selections in the reading list:

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