Chef + Nutritionist + Farmer = The “Food Jackpot”

Hy-Vee Cooking Class

We had a great time and delicious food at our first-ever cooking class at Topeka Hy-Vee Jan. 29. Thanks to all the guests who attended, and a special thanks to our hosts! From left: CommonGround Kansas volunteer LaVell Winsor, Hy-Vee Topeka Dietitian Amber Groeling, Chef Alli, and Hy-Vee Manhattan Dietitian Karen Hanson.

Food enthusiasts in Topeka hit the “food jackpot” in a recent partnership cooking demonstration including Hy-Vee’s Chef Alli, nutritionist Amber Groeling and CommonGround Kansas volunteers LaVell Winsor and Lori Deyoe. Attendees not only learned tips to create a tasty and nutritious dinner but were also encouraged to bring their top food questions to the class to discuss with the people who grow their food – farmers.

Guests enjoyed appetizers of bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms, followed by Calypso Beef Soup and Spanish Beef Dips with Caramelized Manchego Onions. Dessert was Pecos Bread Pudding with Caramel Pecan Sauce. After the cooking demonstration and dinner, the CommonGround Kansas volunteers answered questions from guests about food and farming.

“The evening was great because it brought every aspect of food together from how it is raised to nutrition and meal preparation”, says LaVell Winsor, a farmer from Grantville, Kan. and CommonGround volunteer. “The most common questions from our audience ranged from hormones and antibiotics in beef to food safety and local and organic foods. The great thing about the CommonGround program is the diversity of farmers. If I don’t raise what someone is asking about, we have a network of more than 70 women on different farms to reach out to for the answers.”

The CommonGround program is currently active in 16 states including Colorado, Delaware, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

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