Worried about antibiotics? See what farm moms say.

DeEtta Bohling of Kansas Grains recently wrote  an interesting post called “Farm Moms for Responsible Antibiotic Use.” In the article, Bohling discusses a recent flyer titled “Moms for Antibiotic Awareness”, which was distributed to parents in southeast Kansas by PEW Charitable Trusts (below). The flyer calls for parents to “help end the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in food animal production.”

PEW flyer: Moms for Antibiotic Awareness

A flyer distributed by PEW Charitable Trusts to parents in the Neodesha school district.

Bohling writes:

“I worry about the foods that enter my mouth, especially when I don’t know how they were prepared. One thing I don’t have to fear, however, is antibiotics in my meat.”

Bohling goes on to discuss how farmers like CommonGround Kansas volunteer Teresa Brandenburg “take the judicious use of antibiotics very seriously.” 

The post answers several questions like:

  • Should you be worried about antibiotics in the meat you buy for your family?
  • Why are antibiotics given to livestock?
  • Is human health impacted by eating meat from animals given antibiotics?

If antibiotics in meat are of concern to you, this post is well worth a read. You also can learn more about antibiotics in livestock production at http://findourcommonground.com/food-facts/antibiotics/.  In addition, send your questions our way and we’ll connect you with a local volunteer farm woman who can tell you more.

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